Ghost curry

Despite still feeling unwell (having been off work most of last week) I managed to muster enough energy to meet up with some mates (Simon and Mike) for a curry last night. We went to the Heart of India restaurant in Wallisdown.

The curry was pretty good, but the most curious thing of the evening was the names of some of their curries. I had the ‘jamandi ghost’ curry – it was very nice and was basically curried lamb mince with chunks of chicken. I’ve never seen a ‘ghost’ curry before but according to the waiter ‘ghost’ is an Indian word meaning ‘meat’, so seems odd that I’ve not come across it before (perhaps I’ve just not been eating in the right restaurants).

Whilst I was out eating curry Julia was round at Simon’s house with Simon and Mike’s wives, so we joined them after our curry and had a go on the xbox kinect. The girls practiced their dancing skills on Dance Central

And I had a go on the boxing

A very good evening, and after feeling poorly all week was exactly what I needed I think, as am feeling much better today.


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