Baby-head sized bhaji (Part 2)

Now you may remember that I posted a photo of a rather large onion bhaji I was served at the Mango Indian  restaurant, in Broadstone, back in April. If not, you’ll find the post here.

Last Friday I took some other friends there for a lads curry night out and suggested to the waiter that we’d like one of said bhajis, exagerating with my hands the size of the item required.

Now I’ve received a certain amount of ridicule for continually mentioning the size of the bhaji (it’s a running joke that I must always mention it when in a discussion about curry) let alone the fact I took a photo of it and blogged it, but nonetheless it is quite an impressive sight to behold, and even better considering that you can eat it once you’ve finished admiring it.

So it was with pride that I was able to introduce Simon, Sean and Mike to the wonderment that is the Mango baby-head sized bhaji. But I was overcome with even more pride, and indeed a wry smile when they all whipped out their cameras and took a photo of it amidst gasps about how big it was (and it’s all onion, not hollow or anything!)

And they even put a beer bottle in place to indicate the true size.

Anyway, we cracked on with our meal – enjoyed our curry and demolished the bhaji (which was a bit like cutting a cake rather than an indian snack). And we had a fab night talking gadgets, iPhone 4s, F1 and other lad stuff. I’m looking forward to the next curry get together.

And to top off the evening, we were given the obligatory hot towel to clean the bhaji from our face and I was amused by the wrapper the towel came in, or particularly the symbols used to indicate potential applications of the towel: for dinner – cutlery, yes; for sport, a golfer, yes; for travel, a man with a plane flying out of his head, yes, I can understand that; but for household – a mirror or is that a tennis racket with a dildo!?!


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